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Successful leaders have always known it: The success of firms largely depends on their error culture. Also, research shows that companies with a good error culture are more profitable and more innovative. But improving the error culture is not easy. I help you to improve the error culture in your company. Please reach out to me, if you are interested in further information regarding keynotes, workshops or consulting projects.

Prof. Dr. Christoph Seckler

ESCP Business School

Prof. Dr. Christoph Seckler
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Error Culture Matrix

Error-Management-Culture: The key for success

How can you establish a good error culture in your company? In this article, I develop the idea of the error culture framework. The error culture framework helps you to identify the existing error culture in your team. Based on this, I suggest hands-on practices to improve the error culture.

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Error Culture Keynotes

Keynotes on the topic of error culture create awareness, and inspire. Let us talk about potential topics. For example, about the topic of "How to establish a good error culture in your company".

Error culture workshops

"Hacking Culture" workshops are a great way to initiate tangible change. Workshop concepts are tailor-made and developed in collaboration with your team.

Error culture advice

With a unique consulting approach, I help you to further develop the error culture in your company. The approach is based on an assessment of the status quo, the joint development of goals and a strategy to achieve these goals.



"Christoph is an excellent and inspiring speaker. His workshop on error culture in companies as part of a Capital 40 under 40 meeting was a great inspiration."

Dr. Jennifer Bryant, Esq. Partner at Noerr, Member of the Board of Directors of Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit (DIS) German Arbitration Institute


Research shows: A good error culture is related to a firm's agility, innovation capacity, and profitability. But what is a good error culture? And even more important, how can you establish one?

In a good error culture, errors are managed proactively and constructively. That's why we call it an error-management culture. In an error-management culture, errors are anticipated, errors are corrected immediately, they are communicated quickly, they are learned from, and they are risked (e.g., when experimenting).


But an error management culture doesn't just happen.


An error management culture develops when both the performance standards and psychological safety are high. If there is a lack of psychological security, we speak of an error-fear culture. If performance standards are low, we speak of an error-tolerance culture. And if neither is present, then an error-resignation culture emerges.


Let us work together to establish a good error-management culture in your company!


Do not hesitate to write me an email or use the contact form on the right to leave a message.

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